The Mindful Word: The Healing Power of Forgiveness; Practicing Forgiveness Transforms Your Life, by David Lusch

The growing field of research on forgiveness reveals ample evidence that forgiveness makes people happier and healthier. Even medical doctors are endorsing forgiveness as being helpful to the healing process. And forgiveness can be learned with practice, so anyone can apply forgiveness to heal and transform his or her life.

I believe strongly in the power of forgiveness. I am honoured to have co-authored Greatest Forgiveness: Bring Joy and Peace into Your Life through the Power of Unconditional Forgiveness, with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha and Master Cynthia Deveraux. I’m delighted to share some of the wisdom of forgiveness and a simple practice with you, so you can begin to experience the transformation that forgiveness can bring to your life. Read More