Worldwide Community Map

Welcome to Master Sha’s worldwide community!

Whether you are searching for soul practices and services, seeking spiritual teachings and wisdom, or considering training as a soul practitioner, you’ll find many resources to assist you on your journey to healthy living and well-being.

Use Master Sha’s interactive worldwide map to find a center, group, representative or guide near you:

  • Tao Centers: Located worldwide, Master Sha’s Tao Centers offer classes, workshops, training programs and healing services — all at one convenient location.
  • Tao Groups: Spread throughout communities in the world, Tao Groups are organized by Certified Master Teachers. Groups meet at various venues to provide classes, workshops, training programs and healing services.
  • Certified Master Teachers: Trained by Master Sha, the Certified Master Teachers (who are also Certified Master Teachers) provide high-level spiritual services, blessings and life guidance, and training and education through classes and workshops.


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